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Request For Quote

We appreciate the opportunity to provide a quotation for our services and to work with you on your current or future plastic part design and production requirements.

Please complete the following form and attach the file(s) you would like us to review.  Selecting the "Submit Quote Request" button will begin the RFQ form and file transfer process.  Once you submit this short form, a Proto Plastics representative will be contacting you shortly to discuss your program and to see how we can help you.

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NOTE: File size limit of combined uploads is 8 MB.
If you are trying to send any file format not listed in the accepted formats, please contact us for assistance.


For Multiple Files, consider Zipping them up.

See Compressing Files Below for More Information

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Compressing Files

Besides shrinking them, compressing files gives you the opportunity to roll a bunch of files into one easy-to-manage file. The 12 digital photographs you want to send to can be sent in one file attachment rather than 12. The 50 files you want to copy to a CD-R can be stored on the CD as one file rather than 50.

Follow these steps to compress a file or files:

  1. In Windows Explorer or My Computer, select the file or files you want to compress. Files of different types can be compressed into the same Zip file.
  2. Right-click one of the files and choose Send To --> Compressed (Zipped) Folder.

What happens next depends on whether a third-party compression utility is installed on your computer:

  • No third-party utility is installed: You're done.
  • Third-party utility is installed: Click the Yes or No button — it doesn't matter which one — when the dialog box asks whether you want to associate compressed files with the Windows XP Compression utility, not the third-party utility.
  • Windows XP wants to associate each file type with one kind of program. Here, Windows XP is asking you to make its Compression utility the official compression program on your computer, but it doesn't matter what you decide, because you can't compress files with the Compression utility if a third-party compression utility is on your computer.
  • The third-party utility compresses the files, names the compressed file after the last file you selected, and places the compressed file in the same folder as the files you compressed. In other words, if the last file you selected is called Learning3, the folder-file is called Learning3 as well. To rename a compressed folder-file, right-click it and choose Rename.